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Really love this post, Molly. I especially agree with your advice to start simpler than OKRs. Really pairs nicely with your more recent post on minimum viable process.

I wrote up some of my own advice about OKRs here: https://www.rubick.com/advice-for-using-goal-frameworks/

(Consider the politics of your situation when you're asked to set goals, plan for half the time you have, reconcile your goals with sister orgs, don't use goal frameworks to run projects, make your goals fluid > keep the goals constant so you can evaluate how you did, consider 2-up instead of OKRs, messy is fine)

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Thanks for writing this, I am in complete agreement! Just today I wrote a post about an alternative to OKRs that worked well for our 30-person team: https://elezea.com/2023/03/okr-alternatives-empowered-teams-w-planning-eos/

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