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This is a GOLDMINE and mirrors so much of what I’ve experienced in early stage startups (the good, the bad and the ugly!). Should be required reading for any founder!

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This was an awesome post 🙌

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Thank you for the great article Molly.

I find the idea of power centers in IT consulting companies intriguing. To me, there are three key areas where power centers tend to form:

1) Sales: Sales is the engine that drives revenue. Without it, a service-based business can't sustain itself. This feels like an obvious power center to me.

2) Delivery: After a project is sold, the focus shifts to successful delivery. It's critical to have a team that's excellent at execution, as poor delivery can undermine everything else.

3) People: Ultimately, the success of a consulting company relies on its people. Without a strong talent pool, even the best sales and delivery processes will struggle.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this perspective, especially if you see other power centers I might have missed.

Thanks again for the insightful article!

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